With many years of experience we have knowledge of a wide range of systems and software.

We aim to keep everything simple and easy for the customer to understand, keeping you informed at all times.

We offer a fixed rated from 50 per hour depending on system complexity, with parts (if needed) sold on to you at cost.
More complex systems and networks may be charged at a slightly higher hourly rate.

We also offer service contracts to keep servers and users updated with all the latest patches
and endeavour to catch possible issues before they become and expensive problems.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.

Understanding the customers needs are paramount to us, so we are happy to discuss your situation for no cost beforehand, then decide on the correct way forward for you before you have to spend anything.


Services Available:

IT Planning, let us know your or your businesses needs and we'll develop an IT strategy to satisfy them! This could be specifying a single PC for home use, or a whole network with server, computers, printers and other peripherals. We can also advise on the best way for you to use the internet, email, setup a web presence and have a suitable backup strategy to protect your files.

IT Installation, when all those boxes arrive we can be on hand to install the hardware and set it up so it works at it's best. We can also install wireless and wired networks so all the computers at a single location communicate with each other and connect to the outside world.

IT Support, over time many systems will need repairs or upgrades to make sure that they continue to meet your needs - SuffolkComputing has the experience that means we can not only advise on the best route for you to take, but also carry out the work with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience. We also offer training to enable users to make full use of their IT.

If you have an IT need that doesn't seem to be covered here, please contact us to see if we can assist you.